been feeling pretty average lately.
uninspired and sleepy.
am going to go to a crafty shop and op shopping today and see if some eye candy can make my heart flutter.
hope everyone else is feeling chipper.
♥ ashley
image from here.


jeanamarie said...

oh dear -i hope you feel better soon. you've had a lot of change recently and i think this is a difficult time of year for us expat's. we all have a cold and cough - blech. but glad to be home from holiday :) hope you find a special treasure while you are out shopping.

danica said...

Aww :( I can relate to the post-xmas downer. I hope the craft and op shopping lifts your mood. Maybe you will find something special waiting for you :)

Take care Ashley xo

Hila said...

aww, feel better Ashley! Looking at pretty things always helps :)

.girl ferment. said...

Hi Ashley,
Hope the op-shopping and craft candy made you feel better.

Thanks for all the links, you only needed one but glad you listed them all.
I will make you up a special big parcel next week.
Email me your postal address when you have a sec.

Krissy said...

aw. feel better darling!