cloudy then clear

found some goodies today~ was especially happy with a basket filled with cream and white yarn as saved me from heading to a craft shop.

instead i went and floated around in the ocean with my lovely man. it was so beautiful out there and really lifted my spirits.
took a picture of a spider web in the garden with the last of my polaroid film {we are going film shopping next week:)}

also bought a new cd...emiliana torrini~ i love it. i love the videos she makes even more.

i hate being materialistic but truth be told, these few things i bought helped to make me feel happier today...
happy hump day/ night!:).

♥ ashley


jeanamarie said...

glad to hear you are feeling better - i think i might need to get that cd now too...

jodi said...

i'm the same...beautiful things always make me feel better.

Amber said...

oh so lovely..xx

jEeRo said...

good to lnow u r happy..
do u know what i do when im feeling down now?..lingerie shopping!..weird huh?..

i know its abit late to say this now..but..
hAppy 2009!

Mila said...

Love to see that pola better!


chloe said...

hello sweet ashley. i understand what you mean about feeling average. and also about pretty things lifting your spirits. it's nothing to feel guilty about, those little treats for ourselves. love the photos, they are all so soft and dreamy. and that amazing video!

Missa said...

Isn't it great when you find the perfect little treasures to brighten your day? So glad you're feeling better :)

Floating around in the ocean sounds heavenly, I wish my bit of ocean wasn't always ice cold!

That video is gorgeous, thanks for sharing and stay happy sweetie!

karenjane said...

i love your spider web photo and am glad that your feeling better:)

.girl ferment. said...

what treasures.
i am also loving white yarn at the moment, your basket-full looks so soft.

your polaroid is beautiful.