christmas leftovers

most people get excited at a fresh start when the countdown finishes and the new year begins.
i get nostalgic over christmas and remember each little happy moment.
like my lovely's mum and partner knowing i love the yearly tradition back home of cheese fondue on christmas they served a steamboat dinner~ you cook seafood in broth with veggies, and eat the yummy results over rice~ same concept as a fondue as it is a social sit around where you eat until your seams are bursting.
am going on a date tonight {something we dont do often anymore!} we are heading to a very yummy sushi restaurant, to the movie marley and me, and off to a carnival at the end of the night!
hope everyone is also having a lovely first day of 2009...i have a feeling it's going to be a good one! .x.

♥ ashley


chloe said...

happy new year! gorgeous photos. i love how they are all sparkly and shiny but in different ways. i also get nostalgic after new years. a whole new year beginning. sometimes it seems like too much to think about...

Amber said...

ok so this is strangely similar to what i have just done a post about. We must be all getting the same vibe.
I loved this...xx

Amber said...

Oh and how exciting about your date. Hope it went well, sounds magical..xx

Susanna-Cole said...

Lovely photos, and your date sounds lovely! Hope you have a great time, and blessings to you in the new year! <3


muchlove said...

Hi, I've just tagged you. Hope you don't mind!

Happy new year :)

Maggie May said...

sushi and a movie sounds divine!

Krissy said...

sounds like a fun date night!!

Happy new year to you :)

jeanamarie said...

that meal sounds amazing! hope you enjoyed your date and the movie too. i know i always appreciate alone time with peter!

Anonymous said...