where's froggy

oh my poor neglected blog, i have been so busy enjoying the holidays that i haven't bothered playing with you! i also don't have proper Internet connections in the hills i am in on the gold coast and thus take a long time to load, upload, and reload the blog pages i so desperately love!

a few pictures from the last few days;

my treasured x-mas present from monsieur, artist here

my little garden friend who hums to us at night when i sit and drink bubbles near him:)

yummy pomegranate

today is new year's eve and i am looking forward to a lovely dinner at a surf club with a good view of both the splashing ocean and the fireworks display. not sure that i will be able to stay awake until midnight though!
so happy new year to all and to all a good night! .x.



.girl ferment. said...

happy new year ashley!
enjoy the ocean.

Caf said...

holiday in the hills sounds lovely!!
Happy New Year!
wising you all the best and a little more for 09 :D
-Caf xoxo

Missa said...

We spent the two New Years Eves before having Clover on the beach in Mexico and it was so much fun! So much fun in fact that little Clover was conceived there ;)

Happy New Year to you Ashley! xoxo

P.S. Your little froggy friend is so CUTE!

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw no worries, I think many of us get busy during the holidays and don't blog and what not as much! ;)

And oh pomegranate! My sister's boy friend is absolutely obessed with pomegranates! They are rather tasty! ;)

Happy new year, my dear! <3 And thank you for your sweet comments! <3


Amber said...

Happy new year...
Lovely froggie. I just love him...

Maggie May said...

happy new year! love the drawing

Jade Sparrow said...

That Pomegranate looks rotten...Lovely little fork though :)

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