seal love

i have a list~ like a bucket list~ last week i ticked off a major one!
♥ ashley


Michelle said...

Such a great photo! I wonder what is that seal whispering to you? It must be very funny.

jeanamarie said...

hello there! how lovely to 'see' you (that is you, right?) you are so pretty! what an incredible experience. merry christmas lucky girl!

jodi said...

so very sweet!

K. Sundari said...

Thats such a cute photo. It looks like you're having fun. Happy holidays.

Susanna-Cole said...

Hey, just wanted to drop by and
Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday season with this card I made:


please sir said...

Awww looks like a sweet one!

Maggie May said...


Luhlahh said...

Seal Kisses! Cuteness Plus!

Hope you have a lovely Xmas, and enjoy time with friends, family and Australian wildlife!

Lou X

Caf said...

that is...

danica said...

Such a gorgeous photo! Merry Christmas, Ashley :) I hope Santa brings you something wonderful.

Caitlin said...

Oh thank you so much!

To be kissed by a seal would be very lovely! I am definitely putting it on my list! What a cute photo!

Have a very joyful Christmas!


.girl ferment. said...

merry christmas seal friend.

chloe said...

is that really you? that's amazing! seals have always been one of my favorite animals, but i've never gotten near one. so jealous!
and happy holidays, lovely girl!

Hila said...

I don't know who is cuter - the seal or you :)
I had a spare 10 mintutes today to do your tag - hope you're having a great Christmas.

Krissy said...

How adorable!!! I bet it was so much fun :)

rachel said...

so cool! that must've been amazing :)
happy holidays, luv!

♥ R

wildflowers said...

I found your blog from Mila at Loveology, and it's delightful.

This is such a cute pic :)