sunshine, icy pops

our neck of the woods has been chilly and rainy lately. the kind that tingles the tips of your fingers and makes you rub the tip of your nose to make sure it is still there.
so a day of sunshine is a welcome change.
piper and i didn't miss a beat getting out in the garden with pup for a break from hanging in the home and instead dug our fingers in the sunkissed dirt and munched down some mango yogurt icy pops.

following this with a quick spin at the op shop, scoring piper two lovely additions to her wardrobe, meant a very tuckered out little lady heading off to nap time.
I have started back at work three days a week. it is so hard to leave the house in the morning, but somehow i do, and it is making the sweetness of every other moment i have with my precious family taste just that extra bit special.
i was blessed to spend a year at home. but a mortgage and monsieur still at uni externally means i need to help pull in some dollars. i thought it would be harder than it is, but we made it work. p is with a friend once a week and her daddy the other days, then me. she is happy as can be, all that matters in the end.
off to catch up on news in the blogosphere. happy weekend lovelies.
♥ ashley


Dana said...

Hey! sounds hard... the leaving the house in the morning part.... but sounds like you´re doing great! good luck! I love her bonnet, did you make it?

tea with lucy said...

cute cute cute. the hat. the milo. the pears... and the little person inside it all of course!