i am amazed by the women who have the most valuable thing of all. time. you know the ones who manage life with all the extra time to literally stop and smell the roses.
i miss time, it is taken up by shopping, cleaning, washing, paperwork, cooking, walking the dog, as many know the list goes on. this makes the opportunity for me to sit and sort through my photographs and thoughts few(er) and farther inbetween than before.
but man life is good.
little p is one year. we celebrated in style with a pretty party, she wore a tutu, and went for fancy cake at a local winery. she downed her first babycino.

organic sugar and egg free carrot cake. yummo mama!

a week away so monsieur could study meant a whole lot of exploring with my little friend. navigating markets and op shops like it was nobodies business was bliss.

back to the grind.
hope to pop in again this week. in the meantime the sun is creeping out (rare this time of year) and i am going to soak up the rays. icing on the cake...
today have a 2 hour pamper session at the spa. happy birthday to me! x
♥ ashley


Sundari said...

These pictures are too cute! Love the frilly skirt by the window!

dear olive said...

Happy birthday to the little lady! She is absolutely adorable. Kellie xx