morning sunshine

teeth, glorious teeth. little miss cannot get her fingers, toes, or anything else she finds in the house out of the back of her mouth. something big is coming.
monsieur has finally finished his exams which means that we can be a little family on his days off, heaven. this week we have been scrambling about cleaning and sorting our home after a few good months of drowning in baby, work and well, life! in fact, drowning is not the right word, cause it isn't a bad thing to be too busy to care about that stuff but then...
do you ever feel like a neat house makes everything feel a bit better? i mean, i'm no martha stewart, but i do so love sorting and having things in their 'place'. the paperclip basket, the cupboard where the kitchen gloves live, the coat rack where you keep coats, and only coats...things in their place. i think they are probably happier to have a home too, smile, imagining kitchen gloves cracking a smile in their little spot. like a toy story of homewares.
there have been tons of charity donations made, our clutter becomes someone else's treasures. there is nothing more eco than that.
hope the sun shines on your weekend.
big love.
♥ ashley


jodi said...

my mind feels so much clearer and hence i feel calmer when everything is in its place. Enjoy your weekend too! x

dear olive said...

Yes! De-cluttering is like a wonderful clearing of the soul, and you can relax in a clean house. Your Piper is absolutely adorable by the way! Thanks for your nice comment about my Mum. Kellie xx

Dana said...

Oh yes, clean and organized house for sure makes me feel better! hope it would that way more often!