we have been having no luck in the op shops lately. an op shop slump of sorts. but as with all things in life, it was our turn today!
so many brilliant finds, have spent a good portion of the morning scrubbing, washing, and rubbing with eucalyptus. good as new.

that is a full tub of mega blocks along with such a groovy trio of duplex dudes. i prefer them with their happy faces on.

perhaps more of a score for piper. love all of these.

one can never have too many baskets, or good pyrex dishes.

scrumptious, no?!

and a lucky mama too!

saturdays around here are not the best days of the week. my mister works in hospitality which makes saturday the busiest day of the week. thus, piper and i have a big day and night together and my man comes home well into the night. this is a temporary thing as he has a year left of uni and then should be full time teaching. it is easier than it was when p was a tiny little reflux machine, in fact some of the nights are just smiles and cuddles, but...
i don't envy mamas that do it all on their own. it is exhausting and lonely. i mean p is great company but i love being with my best friend too. can't imagine not having him around after 24 hours feels like an eternity.
tonight i have big plans to watch eat, pray, love. and read more of the amazing blogs i have just been discovering, what an amazing world of people there is out here. so that would be my second round of luck today, discovering various like minded souls to inspire me.
hope your weekends are lucky too,
♥ ashley

p.s. anyone have a good way of making a new header. nothing fancy, just a photograph and my title, but done prettyish? ta.


Holly said...

one claire day said...

Hi Ashley - thanks for commenting over at my blog and leading me here. Your Piper is adorable :)

...and these are lucky find indeed. I especially love the baskets and your handbag!

Your blog and photos are lovely
claire x

tea with lucy said...

that is one huge lot of op shop booty. jealous! i always pick up baskets when i see them. gotta love extra storage!

thanks for stopping by you place is lovely.

tea with lucy said...

... and i'll second piknic. that's where i did my header many moons ago.

rachel xo

ashley said...

will check out piknic.
thanks ladies, x