for the love of lovey

this little cloth gripped so tightly is a big part of p's world. gripped in her little hands 99% of the day. not sure how it happened, one morning she reached over to a pile of vintage linen and grabbed an old pillowcase, and that was it. security blanket whether we wanted one or not. she sleeps with it, carries it at playgroup, holds it while she nurses, it is her world.
do/did your bubs have a similar bond to something?
happy sunday (its a rainday here!) x
♥ ashley

p.s. not sure if anyone is even visiting me here anymore...


Dana said...

It´s rainy here in Chile too!
My boy is three months and hasn´t grabbed a security nothing yet (except for my breast, of course), but we´ll have to wait and see!

Jeana Marie said...

The green giraffe! She is 4 now and giraffe is always with her. She smells it several times a day.

Still here :)


Holly said...

indeed, still here. :)

kristi said...

same thing happened with my tate, at six months he grabbed one of his clean shirts and that was it. now at three and a half he still carries it around and sleeps with it. word of advise...teach the bubba it is only for at home. i have broken down and cried in many supermarkets over that silly shirt fearing it was lost.

one claire day said...

gorgeous chubby little fingers! And so cute that she's found her comforter x

Love and vegetables said...

still here! love your photos & texts. and mini is so cute!

my two minis have never had a blanket like that, but I know my sister had one, and when our oldest sister was angry with her, she'd threaten to wash it! that would make Lena (middle sis) go mad with fear, it had to have that...smell/feel, whatever. let's say, it was very important that it contained all that she had invested in it, haha!