my dear heart turns all of 11 months old today. what a trip this past year has been. i have had a few full nights of rest in the 11 months/ 341 days since falling in love with something so tiny, and more than a few moments of arggghhh. but for all of that i have had a cup overflowing with joy and the air of the endless possibility that lies ahead for my little team.
i have a new lease on life lately, the one where you throw your head back and really, truly, madly and deeply suck in the oyster that is life. look and feel alive, cause you are, and live it. cause in these 11 months i have learned that all of it will fly by with a blink of the eye. and baby, i am going to soak it up, cause that's what it's all about.
june brings cold snaps and curling up with coffee and chocolate in my land. but also getting out for runs in the brisk air, cooking pumpkin soups and banana bread, and crawling around with my puppy and baby seeing things from down there. gives a pretty cool perspective.
hope your june is making you gush with joy, if not, take a moment (stuff some chocolate into your mouth, or pound your tootsies against the pavement) and figure out what you need to make you gush and then come tell me what it is that is making life the way it was meant to be, imPERFECT.
big love.
♥ ashley


jodi said...

i adore her outfit. i think it takes a good 12 months to really settle into being a happy to hear you're feeling wonderful x

dear olive said...

Beautiful post! Beautiful Piper! It's so profound becoming a Mum for the first time isn't it. I still can't get my head around all the joy (and sleeplessness). Kellie xx

Dana said...

great post! well writen and so true, gotta suck it up!!
it´s winter here in chile as welland am definetly making some pumpkin soup and banana bread!!!