week as it ends

money has been pretty tight around here since adding to our nest and subtracting a salary. but i dont think we could be much happier if we tried. we were thinking about some people we know who own their own home (mid thirties!) owe nothing, two cars- paid off, two beautiful and healthy kidlets, a holiday home- also paid off, and they are miserable. it got us thinking about how money cant buy happiness. truly.
so the tight finances meant we went on a little holiday for one night, in a tent, with a bubble wand and a little purple tub. bliss. even if for some of us the best part was our first bite of dirt...

being tight in the purse also means i can't go shopping. something i used to be(and surely still am) very talented at. instead i make things. using what we have around the house. this week it was a sparkly head band and some tissue paper pom poms for p's room.

australia day went down with a bang. a few drinks at the local pub in our red, white and blue. piper and i ended up looking a little more parisian than true blue but that must be the canadian in me.

remembering those watching over us and some across the big blue sea. i like telling p. about all those i miss. blowing raspberries, i adore how she tries (and succeeds at making me laugh)

and finally real nectarines from our neighbours trees. i say real as they are imperfect, unsprayed and as organic as can be. and best of all free.
as are the best things in life...imperfect and free.

off to watch the storm moving in along with cyclone bianca. yikes. xx.
♥ ashley


Katerina said...

Gorgeous photos!


Lou@Littlegreenshed said...

Beautiful photos... I've just had to bring in my sons and partner to show them the bath in the purple trug... I have a very similar photo of my eldest son Charlie on his first camping trip, bathing in the same purple trug.... lucky you in summer. Lou xx

Luhlahh said...

Red Hair, Chubby Limbs, Huge Eyes, = Bundle of absolute gorgeousness! Love the bubble pictures! X Lou

ecoMILF said...

great photos and words. so lovely to go camping together as a family! xo m.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

What a lovely week! The best things are always free :)
Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Cute photos! Glad you had a nice little break together. P looks like such a happy little girl. I'd love one of those nectarines :) I bet they're delicious! x

~blackhole~ said...

oh my god! ur baby is soo lovely...just like an angel! u r one lucky mama :)