spots and stripes

with monsieur working over the weekend, the wee one and me get to spend a lot of time hanging in our hood. play and baths being the highlight of the weekend with a spot of housework squeezed in.

i have been busily planning a change of scenery in pipers room. old doilies are hanging in the sunshine waiting to be stitched into a curtain to play tricks with the shadows on her walls. this is something i would love to have in my bedroom. its so groovy having a little girl as it lets me be braver in my colour choices and funkiness, living vicariously through her as she sports spots and stripes with pride and giggles.

hope your weekends are full of colour and sunshine too (even if its raining!)

♥ ashley

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Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

I just love that outfit! Sounds like you had a great weekend...