been the best kind of busy lately. beaching. cuddles and lazy cuppas.
hope the summer is treating you as kindly as we've been blessed with.
typing this i know that some people over east have had the worst summer of their lives. that truly hurts my heart. i am well aware of how lucky we are and in fact am living more to the second because of the reminder that life is pretty precious. so here the family love is overwhelming.
because life is short.
you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
to happiness. soak it up.
♥ ashley


angela said...

Bless, what a beautiful post. And you're right, such a gentle reminder that life is precious. And what a precious and beautiful little girl you have there, beautiful photos!!


Krissy said...

That looks like an amazing summer! I say that as I'm watching my pup play heavy snow fall :)

Love and vegetables said...

love your blog!
and oooh, those pics make me dizzy. because, when i look out my window HERE, NOW, it's white. and cold. your photos gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, they almost put the smell of sunkissed skin in my nose. thank you for that. love from norway!
and oh, welcome to check out my blog, too!


Anonymous said...

I just love that first photograph - what a beautiful little girl! Your words are so true :)

dear olive said...

Love. That. Sandy. Bum. Photo! Kellie xx

one claire day said...

Lovely words and gorgeous pictures - especially bum in the sand and Daddy time pics! x