forks in the road

it has been a hectic last few weeks in our house. we are working out what our next path will be as the one we were on just got up and exploded right in our goofy faces. leading to a manic house. add on a teething baby and boom mama has zero free time.
you see somehow monsieur got his course load/subjects confused for uni. this means that instead of graduating at the end of 2011 he has another 1/2 year left.
all of our plans have been based on things getting 'easier' at the end of the year. a 'real' job, i could keep being a cozy mama at home, things would be perfect. we wouldn't choke after each mortgage payment, and i wouldn't sit adding up reciepts and bills and feeling that 'ugh' thing in my tummy pit.

piper looks like shes got the ? feeling too.
thing is though, nothing is ever really perfect. but thats life isnt it? a series of forks in the road. its not those forks but how you navigate them that makes the memories.
so this week has seen me applying for some jobs in pretty crazy places again. not sure if that is the itchy feet thing with me. i dont do settled down well and as soon as a crisis hits i get all, hmmm lets go as far away as we can and start over. cept now i have an extra little body to consider.

lucky for us that little person brings so much goodness and light to our worlds. colour, music and crazy dancing (bounce bounce bouncing) are all in a piper's days work.

dont you wish we could rock the frocks that 7 month old gals can. she inspires me.
for this minute though i will just breathe and enjoy saturday. cause thats why its here.
hope you do the same, x
♥ ashley


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you'd got to. I hope everything sorts itself out for you guys asap. Gorgeous pictures of cute Piper!

Megan.K. said...

First up - Those photos are sensational Ashley! Seriously beautiful. She is a little angel that Piper ;)I can't get over how grown up she looks.

As for the rest - Oh how I know that ugh feeling. Know it all too well... We are finding ourselves in a good/manageable space now tht I have returned to work p/t, but it got pretty dicey for a long time and the stress of that can really takes its toll - on everyone.
You guys are just starting out in your first home, first baby, it's such a massive time of change in your lives. Hang in there! It does get better. Promise.


hila said...

money (and lack thereof) is the bane of my existence too, I do know exactly how you feel, and I'm sorry you've been having such a hard time.

Your lovely little girl is so adorable!

hang in there, it'll be ok in the end, that's what we've got to keep telling each other :)