random thoughts

i had been feeling homesick for the great white north.
i especially miss dill pickle chips and cups of tea with mum.
i sat yesterday sorting through old photos.
they don't have these in canada!
it made me happy to be here.
am also thinking about chopping my hair again, it is now at mid back but i sorta miss the messy look in that pic. thoughts?
hope you had a beautiful week-end.
♥ ashley


Krissy said...

everything about that photo is adorable! the haircut, the koala, your big, happy smile :)

Diana said...

Your smile says it all!

Something to keep in mind about hair- it grows back :) Whatver makes you happy, it looks great!

Missa said...

Beautiful picture!

I think your hair looks really cute like that :)

jeanamarie said...

I love this photo!!!! Your smile is catching :)

Hila said...

I personally love long hair, but I have to admit, you look so pretty in this picture!

sara said...

you look so happy and beautiful in this picture :) and the koala is so cute!

Toosdai said...


please excuse the outburst. animal is just to terribly cute.

i found the easiest way to follow my heart is take care of my head. i am all for chopping hair off. new start, literally cutting off dead ends. but that is just me. i'm sure your hair is gorgeous, no matter the length.