i have been absent and spending sometime unpacking, nesting and bonding with a little person growing inside my belly...pretty exciting and BIG news!
there is still plenty to do but i have finished work for today, planted some veggies and tidied up the garden corner in my yard.
also found a lovely vintage side table/thing that is our new bedside table.
happy new year lovelies,
can't wait to catch up on your news too,
♥ ashley
p.s. am fiddling around on monsieurs laptop and thus can't make my photos lovely and large- adding to list of things to get sorted!


Luhlahh said...

Oh! Congratulations!

Jeana Marie said...


What exciting news - am so happy for you. Hope you are feeling ok and you and bub are healthy, healthy.


(and what a sweet bedside table!)

Megan.K. said...

Oh Ashley what wonderful, wonderful news - a perfect start to the new year!! Congrats!

Amber said...

OH Ashley, i am so so so happy for you. Congrats you lovely

Sundari said...

Oh my goodness. Congratulations. That is lovely news! P.S. Where did you move to?

danica said...

wow! congratulations on your big news, ashley! what a wonderful start to 2010 xx

Krissy said...

oh wow! Congratulations to you!!!

Toosdai said...

congratulations! that certainly is very exciting! i hope your garden flourishes (in more ways than one, if you catch my meaning) and many happy new years to you!

Michelle said...

Such wonderful news Ashley! Congratulations to you and Monsieur !

Oh my, very happy for you.


Missa said...

Oh Congrats congrats Ashley! I'm so excited for you... big news indeed!!! I hope you are enjoying the start of the new year and having an easy time with the pregnancy :)

I posted a cute little video of Clover on my blog the other day, you should check it out to see what fun you have to look forward too :D

Take care of yourself sweetie!

Hayley said...

I'm reading this post a little late, but CONGRATSALOT! I hope all is going well :)