like a bird on a wire.

i don't think that 49 degree celsius heat is a happy thing. 
it makes me tired.
but sometimes if i take a moment i get to see some very amazing things.
like gallahs smiling on the power lines running beside my little house.
i think they are pretty sweet and blissful looking...
or the one on the right is sleepy like me in all the hot air blowing through the desert.
either way they made me smile.
any exciting plans for the week-end?
♥ ashley


Luhlahh said...

Oh! How wierd! I just checked my dashboard, and saw this post. Just as I clicked on the link, Sarah Blasko's 'Bird on a Wire' came up on 'Rage'... Synchronicity!

Also, I love that Leonard Cohen Song.. "Like a bird, on a wire, Like a drunk in a midnight chior, I have tried in my way to be free...

49. That's foul-ly hot! You are the stinking-hot winner!

Toosdai said...

sweet, sweet little birds. all sorbet-colored. what a lovely little surprise, an moment's escape from the heat perhaps?

i have a song this post reminded me of as well. neko case's "things that scare me"

florescent lights engage/blackbirds frying on a wire/same birds that followed me to school when i was young/were they trying to tell me something/were they telling me to run

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

They are so wonderful. Happy birds.

Sundari said...

That's pretty cute. I can't believe it got up to 49 up your way! Oh my god, we had hot winds on a 41 degree day and that was bad enough! Take care of yourself.

camille said...

The heat has been stifling and like you I get tired. Thank god for the cool change. THANK GOD!

Oh yes, and thanks for stopping by.

Hila said...

Ah, there are not enough words for me to describe how much I hate hot weather, but those birds are rather cute :)

Goddess Leonie * said...

amen to that sweet soul... it's been getting a bit warm over here in canberra too - not as warm as SA though! and those galahs always make me smile so big too... i keep hoooooping i will find one of their pink feathers one day! :D

big hugs to you hon!