A homemade life

I stayed up much too late last night reading this beautiful book: A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. She is the creator of the wonderful blog orangette.
She is a very talented writer and mixes her beautiful words with tummy rumble inducing recipes. To top it off the amazing Camilla Engman created illustrations for each chapter. My only warning would be to bring milk and cookies to bed with you to deal with the cravings it creates!
Also, my beautiful picture from Jon Carling arrived here while I was on holiday, it is staying in the plastic wrapping until I can get a suitable frame. I think it is perfect. Plus, he sent a collection of other goodies to lucky little me. I will shoot them one day to share with you.
Check out his other work here.
♥ ashley


Michelle said...

I really loved Molly's book. Really, really loved it. And I've made so many recipes from it - all delicious!

danica said...

welcome back, ashley! i read molly's book a few months back and found it almost impossible to put down at night. and yes, milk and cookies is an excellent recommendation! xo

Missa said...

Awesome print!

jEeRo said...

hey i really like the pics from your previous give off a dreamy vibe =]..

congrats on the happy news Ashley!..yes life as an adult is no fun..but take heart u have found the one 2b there walking down life's path with u..

do take care..have fun ya..
*wedding bells are ringing..ringing*

jeanamarie said...

hi :)

that is a wonderful print.

(i finally posted a photo of the beautiful bowl you sent to me, many, many thanks, sweet, dear, ashley)

hope you are not too stressed about making decisions ;)


K. Sundari said...

It's so nice to stay up with a book you love.

Ahipara Girl said...

my first visit and i loved it, will make me a big coffee tomorrow when the baby has his day nap and have a good read through your archives. I love the feel of your words and the works just glimpsed today. So glad I can pop back again. Blogland is a happy place when I find a new blog to connect with. ;)

Anonymous said...