spoiled ♥

back from bali again. beautiful sunsets, flowers and loads of time with a good book and a very good man.
we had the most wonderful holiday and i arrived home wearing a pretty little ring on a very special finger...
now back to the daily grind, 
we are leaving the desert at the end of the year. had chosen a new job and thought it was what i wanted until the other day, driving through the city i saw all these lonely people in uncomfortable looking stockings and dark coats wandering to work. 
i do not want to be that.
so the new job search and massive decision making must start again.
when did we grow up? 
sometimes i wish i could be a wee kid again and have no decisions to make 
but then i wouldn't have a pretty new ring or the anticipation of making my own dreams come true.
hope you have all been well and living your dreams always,
♥ ashley


K. Sundari said...

Congratulations Ashley! That's such lovely news. I haven't seen Tanah Lot photographed so beautifully.

Kevin Atteridg said...

I love the second pic! Just great!

jeanamarie said...

Congratulations lovely Ashley!!!!!

Beautiful photos - have missed you ;)

xo jeana

Amber said...

Oh Ashley I am over the moon for you, Congratulations...
That is such great news, what a lucky man.
So true when did we grow up and have to start making these big decisions??? I guess you will just have to rememeber to keep those little girl dreams alive and live the life you dreamt of when you were little and thought of being a woman of the world. This seems appropriate to my post atm.
Lots of love


Hila said...

And I agree with you about the whole "grown-up" thing. There's a very childish part of me that wishes the world would leave me alone to write in peace without the need for a job and money :)

mady dooijes said...

what a wonderful news, congratulations! i think we all secretly wish to be a child again at times.
love the post below, the images are gorgeous- the 2 boys are just beautiful. i can see why you don't want to leave the desert.

Luhlahh said...

So many lovely things going on, and new adventures around the corner! Congratulations to you and Mr Bisous! Lou.

Megan.K. said...

So happy for you Ashley!!
You will make your dreams come true.. yes you will.

Michelle said...

Congratulations Ashley! Wonderful news.

I know you will find the right balance between being a grown up and keeping that wee kid inside alive.


Missa said...

Oh, congratulations Ashley, that is wonderful news! So happy for you dear :D

.girl ferment. said...

congratulations gorgeous girl

just keep aiming for the sky and you will find yourself somewhere close to it

jessica said...


LouLou said...

oooooh i just saw this...a pretty little ring for a pretty little lady...congrats to you and monsier...i larve a wedding.....and i say to you ...follow your dreams...and dream long and hard !!