i have collected a few beautiful awards in recent days and think its time to share some love.

the first i recieved from both the incroyable mila at loveology, and lovely mady from abundance. thank-you to both these ladies,
funky lou from queenloube passed along the lemonade award- thank-you precious (it is adorable!)

And another super sweet lou from Luhlahh gave me the awe-some award, ta!

i really love all the blogs that gave me these treats and am about to fall short by not completing the task of passing the awards along. if i did it would surely be back to these amazing ladies and a handful of the amazingly inspirational girls in my blogroll...
i need to use all of my energy on another pursuit today, and am off to tear the top off a new jar of indian ink and create,
but first a pot of piping hot coffee, i seem to be more addicted to it daily!

oh and check out this amazing ring by cclbaran from the love letters series, sigh*

many bisous,
ashley x

top photo credits to crowned thoughts 


Luhlahh said...

Wow! That is a lot of love all at once! It is right and proper that you should use it to make art! Happy Artmaking, have a great weekend! Give your doggie a pat for me! Lou.

.girl ferment. said...

not that i know you, but from what i can gather that ring is VERY you
happy weekend

jeanamarie said...

hi :) you are very deserving of the awards, dear ashley : )

did you get my email, btw? not sure if i sent it to the right address...

hope your weekend was restful and wonderful.


Anonymous said...

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