I adore my students. 
This little one came to me the other day carrying this wee snake.
"Miss, I been ride my bike over the snake but I been say sorry,"
I love her pout in the first picture,
and her relief when I said she did the right thing in the second:)

For the record the snake is going to be okay,

It has been pouring rain and freezing cold so am off to make some potato and leek soup and curl up under my blanket with this:
happy hump day. x.

♥ ashley


jeanamarie said...

happy wednesday to you too!

so sorry - i meant to get back to you sooooo much sooner. last week was a bit of a write off for me and i am still catching up with everyone and my brain :)

i received a beautiful colourful wonderful basket in the mail last week ... thank you sooo much ashley! will soon give it a little photo shoot so you can see it in it's new home.

(how was bali?)

love this story about your student - i don't think i would have remained so composed as you if handed a snake... so, so very sweet
hope you are feeling better too!

Michelle said...

So sweet!

.girl ferment. said...

oh gorgeous!

we were looking at mini-snakes in new scientist the other day


Naomi Rose said...

that's so sweet.

boubou said...

wow !! i just came across your blog and have never been so much happy than that ( sorry for my english ! )
i picked up some pics of you to add on my collages but i will credit yo ufor sure :)
ill be back to visit you !
a bientot !
Boubou xx

jEeRo said...

kinda touching the little story u shared about this sweet student of yours..glad to know the snake is ok..
enjoy the coming weekend Ashley!..
and thkx for your sweet comment..appreciate it! =]

beryl h-c said...

hi ashley! i thought i would mosey on over and check out your blog...its so calming and soothing to look at!

scary about the snake! but love the good hearts of children...enjoy what's left of your hump day! xo

Anonymous said...

im sure you are an amazing teacher to those precious babes!!

welcome back...missed the prettiness that is your blog !

Anonymous said...