i have been up through the night with a horrible fever, freezing cold and then sweating like crazy. woke up this morning with really swollen glands, blahhh. 
sick again.
i need something to help boost my immune system after the dengue i just got over. does anyone have a secret to staying cold and yuck free?
off to my blankie
♥ ashley
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Michelle said...

Sorry you feel so sick, you poor thing. Rest up and drink lots of fluids.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


PS, I always look at Mim Beim's website when feeling crook - Lots of good advice.

Amber said...

Oh my lovely,

That all sounds yukky..poor thing.
I have written a few posts on great flu remedies. (i have stdied herbal med and nutrition).
Get yourself a remedy of:
olive leaf
golden rod
ground ivy
dose up on about 4000mg plus of vit c and make sure you are having some zinc.
This cold remedy can be posted to you from a beautiful herbalist i used to work for in Newcastle NSW, his number is (02) 49695081.
It is a brilliant way to access herbs.
Hope this all helps...drop me an email if i can help with anything.....xxxx

K. Sundari said...

You are the winner of my blog giveaway. Hope that cheers you up a bit!

Zmaga said...

Hope you get better soon! Stay in bed and rest is the best advice I can give you.

Anonymous said...

hello sweet girl! so sorry you're not feeling well. drink lots of tea and stay in bed! this is my secret tea recipe: boil garlic, ginger and cayenne until the flavor is strong. then squeeze in lemon and add honey. it works wonders for the immune system and even tastes surprisingly good!
your blog is beautiful as ever...

Krissy said...

feel better darling!

Megan: The Byron Life said...

Ashley, not good to hear you are so sick :(

Amber's list of remedies looks perfect.
I also knew a friend who recovered from ross river fever (similar in many ways to Dengue) and she swore by Chinese herbs - in particular one herb called astralaga (I think that is the spelling?)
I have tried this herb too (in a store-bought chinese herbal tonic ) after a really bad cold and I found it really, really worked to return my strength... The herb is supposed to be used when you are recovering from a major illness... like you are, and it builds up your immune system again.

hoping you get well soon.


.girl ferment. said...

hey ashley sorry you are feeling unwell again so soon
since you love tea, rooibos tea is good for your immune system, although can you get any of it way up north?