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lovely maureen from cooking my life has tagged me with the six things.

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1. i speak french and went to a french school from the time i was a little girl- i used to get my english and french mixed up and now stumble when i speak french {has not been much need since leaving the french school}

2. i dream about what i am going to be when i grow up...a lot

3. i have been spending all my spare change on polaroid film- i wish they would stop stop making it.

4. i make an amazing vegan carrot cake

5. when i was little and my mum was pregnant i was asked on t.v. if i wanted a brother or sister- i answered that i wanted a bunny {i ended up with another brother}

6. i still want a bunny

i tag: strawberry season, flossy-p, lady b and vuvie


cutey bunny image
: flickr: serch


Krissy said...

#5 had me giggling out loud at work! Do you think they'll know I'm not working :)

Susanna-Cole said...

Loved your 6 things, and aw, bummer you didn't get that bunny you wanted! But hopefully you can have one someday! And the picture you put at the top of this entry is absolutely adorable! :)


flossy-p said...

hehehe, a bunny! :) I asked for a "big" sister when my mum was pregnant.

Thanks for the tag. I'll start thinking up a list.

Amber said...

Thanks for your lovely comment and I do just love this blog. What amazing photos you take

danica said...

Tee hehe! I want a bunny too! Lovely to read more about you, Ashley :)

Anonymous said...


vuvie said...

hehe. Done!

Thumbelina said...

Oh thank you dear!! I will do this in my next post! And I wish I had a bunny as well, my sister used to have one which makes me so very jealous!
Hope all is well hun!
Ciao ciao <3

Suzie said...

hehehe awesome :)