me happy

hokey has bestowed the tree of happiness award upon my humble little blog. the six things i am happy about right now.

{1} even though my lovely man has to go and stay a community over for the next 7 days- my wonder pup is staying with me-so I still have loving eyes to gaze into;)

{2} a recipe i have found to make peanut butter cups at home

{3} photos from laura a. watt:

{4} the arrival of this pretty number

{5} basil growing on my windowsill in a coffee jar that travelled out here all the way from toronto

{6} listening to Billie holiday and eating peanut butter straight from the jar...hmmm...perhaps it is peanut butter that is making me happy;)


p.s. i would like to tag this lovely award onwards to lou, tummy-ache, krissy and danica- oh and you dont have to play i just want to hear what is making you smile;)


Anonymous said...

oh thanks love for sending me the lovely happy tree....i will get onto it in the next couple of days...the big boy turned 11 today and i have had 20 very-loud 11 year olds tornado-ing through my house.......aaaaaaagh!

Krissy said...

Thanks for the love! Your blog is wonderful :) Don't you just love homegrown basil?!?

I will put together a "making me happy" post over the weekend :)

danica said...

Aww thanks for thinking of me, Ashley :) Will put a post together in the next few days.

P.S Billie Holiday and peanut butter sounds like a pretty incredible combination!

Amelia said...

love that laura a watt photo. so other worldly and evocative.

o-glow - ha ha, that's it precisely, no matter what package it comes in. love it!

amy said...

hello ashley. i played.