to do


{maybe it would be more true to myself if i called my to do lists-to donts-since thats what seems to happen when i make one} oh well here is my sunday ___ list:

-bake a loaf of bread {or risk not having any this week;)}
-watch atonement {i subscribe to a dvd delivery rental service and this one has been sitting on the dvd player waiting for 2 weeks!}
-finish next assignement for childrens writing course
-weed the garden and sweep around house {yes, futile when you live in a giant sandpile}
-draw, JUST DRAW {trying to get out of a bit of a creative slump-which can in turn be a professional slump-not so good}
-call dad
-do washing
-wash rasta the wonder pup

good list, but i have a feeling deep within that i will end up reading yummy blogs and drinking too much brewed coffee today. which in many ways IS a truly productive sunday. wink. wink.


p.s. the post has nothing to do with the picture-but isn't it darling;)

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Hila said...

my sundays have been far too busy lately - I yearn to read yummy blogs all day :)