twas the night before 2011

i always find new years a bit conflicting. on the one hand many believe that after tonight we will have a fresh start, we can change and make our lives different from what they were. to me, it is sad to leave behind the year that was. especially this year. 2010 has been a blessing. so 2011 c'mon i dare you to beat the year that just was. can't wait to see what you'll bring and toast 2010- what a year.
happy thoughts for all of you, i will be curled up in my bed at midnight, but wherever you are and however you ring in the new year, be safe and feel the love. x.

♥ ashley


Jeana Marie said...

Happy New Year to you too. Gorgeous - all of you!

I hear you about the arbitrary fresh start thing. 2010 was such a mixed bag but full of blessings, even ones that came from sadness.


Michelle said...

Gorgeous photos Ashley! Happy New year to you and your lovely family.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year! Wishing you and your family lots of happiness for 2011 :) Cute photos!