we had an amazing christmas and are enjoying the aftermath of leftovers, chocolate and lazy playing with our precious girl. we have also busily hosted a wee dinner party for a very special lady's birthday.
have been enjoying cinnamon buns thanks to this recipe. i mixed it up and melted the butter, forgot it and proceeded to make the dough without it...adding it in before baking. ended up more dough than bun but let me know that the real results would be AMAZING. you. must. make. some. especially divine with vanilla bean icecream.
off to eat some more calories so i have a reason to make some new years resolutions. hope you too are enjoying the lazy season. xx.

♥ ashley

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Jeana Marie said...

We made cinnamon rolls for Christmas too :) Will have to check out the recipe you used! We used the ol' Betty Crocker book I brought with me to Oz.