i have spent the past few days pottering about.
half completing tasks in a haze of baby business and spring time sneezes.
for the most part this has been enjoyable as nothing has HAD to be completed.
some gardening, some washing, some baking, some sewing, some dvd watching, some reading...
maybe this is what is left of my 'baby brain', a hazy world where each task is started and forgotten and moved on from without much completed. or maybe i can see the bigger picture now. the one where not much else matters as long as piper is happy.
i am baby wearing most of the time, in 11 weeks i have collected 3 sling things and love having her against me, it started out of necessity and now feels normal.
in non baby news- an inspiring place to visit...
enjoy. x

♥ ashley


Luhlahh said...

Oh! She's so pretty! And you sound happy! Bless! XX

Corrie said...

oh look at those close ups! awwww

lots of baby wearing here and now I want a sling for hometime so I can keep the ergo in the car!!!