my little girl is already sprouting and changing. she has moved out of her moses basket- which is now a blanket storage area. she looks at lots of things in her room and giggles...especially her funky ikea mobile.
her growing lets me be a bit more productive too, and makes me fall in love with every squeak and smile. i never realized how lonely i was without her.

to do today:

-making a chai mix from here
-nature walk with the pup
-reading this
-ordering seeds from here

Happy productive weekend to you,
♥ ashley


Holly said...

my older sister is having a baby girl in two months, and your posts since piper was born make me so vicariously excited for her.

Jeana Marie said...

She's so beautiful...and so are your photos. They grow so quickly, so hard to keep up sometimes!

Sundari said...

So cute!!! It must be nice to be a mother to a little girl. Auwww.. And what a great list of things for you to do. Yummy chai times!

Michelle said...

Out of her moses basket already!

She is so sweet and so are you


hila said...

cute! cute! cute!
I desperately want to stroke her cheek, it looks so soft :)

Amber said...

Oh and how perfect she