went to sydney and canberra with 20 kids from the school for camp. It was so entertaining to bring these remote kiddies to the 'big' city to explore. I have always adored sydney but it was all new again through their eyes.
am feeling much more balanced after some soul searching. we were really struggling with making our way from the desert to another place (and any place really). i was uber stressed about getting a job, money, how to's etc.
then i took a bit of a break and thought it all through,
we are okay, at the end of this year i am taking some time off to visit my beautiful family back in canada and then moving to perth with monsieur and the pup. from there i will work it out, my goals are varied and being stuck into a job because am desperate for one doesn't seem like the right way.
so am back and inspired to be happy with where i am each and every moment. 

♥ ashley


jeanamarie said...

good to hear you are feeling more at ease with all your decision making. and how fantastic you will be spending time with your family!!!!

and i agree - i once took the first job that came up because i was so desperate - when i first immigrated to oz - and yes it was a disaster...


Amber said...

Great news, i am pleased you are feeling a little more settled. Great photo's of your time away. Take care..xx

jEeRo said...

glad to know you are feeling Ashley..its alwaz gd to have a break..once in awhile.. not rush into things..and pressure your-self..give your-self some time to settle down..

i too would like to go for a break..or two..but i cant..

anyway..thkx for your sweet comment..
take care there..and stay happy..

Hila said...

beautiful photos and I'm so glad you're feeling better!

danica said...

it sounds like you've had a lot on your mind, ashley. i think it's great that you have decided to take things moment by moment and that you are feeling better. it's nice to know you'll be around more too. hope you have a great weekend :)

.girl ferment. said...

sounds that you have found what works for you

i wish you the best

Anonymous said...


Megan.K. said...

Hope all is well with you Ashley :)
Sounds like a big changes in your world.

ramis kim said...

i miss sydney. :)