i spy with my little eye

beautiful rugs and homewares from anthropologie.
the bottom set are measuring cups.
all on the dream home wish list.
happy weekend lovelies, 
♥ ashley


l u c y. said...

love their home finds.

Bralliz said...


xx alice

elena-lu said...

the "honey pot" is so cute!!! its perfection

Hila said...

I have two wishes regarding Anthropologie:
1. That they would ship to Australia
2. That they weren't so darn expensive

These are unlikely to come true :)
Hope you're having a great weekend.

disa said...


Sundari said...

I thought they were cupcake papers at the bottom there. They're so cute though. Hope your moving is going well.

Toosdai said...

lovely patterns and lovely colors that would go well in any home. thank you for sharing!

sara said...

so many beautiful patterns and things! i love anthropologie.

Hita said...

I ♥ Anthropologie! They're just too beautiful! Their shops are like my Dreamland :)

Hita x0x0

LouLou said...

beautiful...especially the last rug.mmmmm. hope you are good dreamy one. xx