up in the trees

can't get this amazing image found on the beautiful windy days blog out of my head... hope you all had a cozy week-end.

♥ ashley


Krissy said...

I'd love to take a vacation there!

Anonymous said...

everything is so darling! i love the red tree earrings!

La C.

three buttons said...

I love the Japanese Craft book!!!

We enjoyed a beautiful lunch meal at one of my favourite eateries Cookie, First Floor, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne. If you go also pop up to level 3!

Angela xxox

please sir said...

WOW - so pretty - I could stay up there forever!

.girl ferment. said...

yep - found my dream home

daydream lily said...

oh this is lovely. i wanna live there

Anonymous said...

Such a cosy place. : )

Missa said...

I know ME TOO! I've been in love with this image since I first came across it on flickr... *sigh*

I thinks it's the napping spot of my dreams, unbelievable.

haha 'napping spot of my dreams' ;)

Anonymous said...

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