a few things that make me happy in my home tonight.
wrapping presents for christmas using hand stamped paper and hemp string.
a delivery of fresh oranges {and chocolate} from a sweet friend.
my most favourite earrings.
a polaroid from a west coast beach where a heart shaped cloud was staring down at us.
and my precious indian beaded slippers.
am also gushing that lovely rachel of kaleidoscope dreams has passed along the you rock award {thanks sweetie}

i would like to share the love with some of the blogs i find very inspiring.
~unbecoming lily
~intimate vignettes
~thrift candy
although i believe all your blogs rock!
stay happy.
♥ ashley


Susanna-Cole said...

Such beautiful things, that Polaroid is gorgeous as are your slippers! Also love how you're wrapping Christmas gifts with such a handmade touch! <3


danica said...

Aww, thank you Ashley! That is very sweet of you :)

I love present wrapping too, although I haven't been able to start just yet. I like the calm simplicity of your wrapping design. Take care and have a lovely weekend xo

Mila said...

Aaaaaaah thank you so so much, dear! It's a great honour getting this award from you.

Loved this post, so sweet, delicate and beautiful.

Missa said...

Wow, that heart shaped cloud is too cool and I LOVE the little ginko leaves on the gift, so sweet!

Speaking of so sweet, thankyou so so much for the award. I find your blog very inspiring too so it means a lot :) Have a wonderful weekend dear!


Amber said...

I must check some of these blogs out.
I am so happy to hear of your happiness in this festive time..xx

sara said...

your handstamped paper and hemp gifts look so so lovely!

Hila said...

a beautiful collection of lovely things :)

K. Sundari said... I finally have faster internet I can read other blogs better, thank you so much for a lovely award. It was unexpected, and you truly did deserve the award too.

jeanamarie said...

hello again :) thank you for the award - sorry not to get back to you right away...we have had a bit of trouble with our internet connection lately, but are now back online (it's amazing how much i get done around the place with out this www thingy!)

.girl ferment. said...

rachel was right
you do rock

feel honoured that you my blog inspiring, thank you