a pretty little parcel

lovely jeanna of unbecominglily sent the most precious parcel which i was the lucky winner of on her blog. full of perfect little handmade crochet flowers, i am in lurve with. isn't getting sweet mail the best...truly.

had a great time on camp {although, am exhausted!} and memories to come...and cant wait to check out what has been happening in all your beautiful lives...x

♥ ashley


K. Sundari said...

That looks lovely. I am really wanting to give lovely gifts this year but am running out of time and inspiration...I miss my old life...ssshh

Martha Joy said...

I love those flowers! I need to learn how to crochet!

jeanamarie said...

welcome home, lovely ashley! can't wait to see and hear how school camp went. hope you catch up on sleep soon too.

the felt statue photo in your post above is amazing... off to see more of her work :)

Missa said...

What sweet little flowers, welcome back!

Mila said...

Ooh so gorgeous and sweet!

It must be the best way to get back home, the love of your close ones and such a beautiful package full of sweetness!


.girl ferment. said...

oooh so sweet. what will you do with them?
welcome back!

daydream lily said...

wish I could crochet!
I got some of these flowers off etsy though, I stitched a couple onto my lamp shade.