mixtape monday

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these are some of the tunes i have used to soothe my soul post travel
and get back into the groove of life in the bush.
~~~check out more mixtapes via daydream lily~~~
discovered via
am in awe of this stunning felt statue by emily barletta~
also the creator of the lovely image on my monday mixtape...using crochet {sigh...what talent}
check out more of her work here.
x ashley


Fred said...

The art of Emily Barletta is outstanding! Thank you for the link. I clicked thru to her site and found her art amazing, creative and fresh! And you monday mixtape put a smile in my face too.

danica said...

A super mixtape, Ashley! Welcome back...I hope you're resting after your travels :)

rachel said...

that tune is so chill and such a pick-me-upper! like something I would listen to while driving. lovely :)
that picture under your profile is so beautiful..

btw, I tagged you with the You Rock Award! :)

♥ R

Mila said...

Hi dear! <333
Glad you're back, i hope you had a wonderful time!
Gorgeous work of Emily B for sure.
I'll listen to that mixtape later today, when i get back from University.

Love for you,


K. Sundari said...

Looks like another Laura Marling fan!

Great mixtape an beautiful artwork featured here.