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the hardest this is...challenge to date;0

my favourite film{s} ...

my top three

1. this is a new found most favourite and also the most recent movie i have watched. it is by the same producer as amelie {sigh-i heart that movie too} and called Paris Je T'aime. it is a collection of 18 short films centering on love stories in 18 of the 20 Arrondissements of Paris {municipalities}. Of these 18 stories my favourite is: Tour Eiffel- where a little boy talks of his parents {mimes} who meet and fall in ♥ in prison. mmm, heaven- watch it below.

2. spirited away. written and directed by the brilliant Hayao Miyazaki- an amazing anime film that follows Chihiro a ten year old girl who is taken down an unusual road by her parents while moving to a new home in an unfamiliar town. Below is my favourite scene- the train scene.

3. lars and the real girl. I have a thing for ryan gosling and this movie cements that;) about a lovely, shy boy who orders develops a loving relationship with a doll he buys online. sweet, innocent and precious lars. oh and was written by a six feet under scribe {brilliant!}

favourite aussie film:

rabbit proof fence. the stolen generation- very close to home- i work with the martu and families of the girls in the story. sends me shivers watching it. the landscape is what i see out of the back window. the strength of the girls amazes.
and some no means complete list of favourites that make my heart flutter...

the virgin suicides

lost in translation

little miss. sunshine


marie antionette

american beauty

the never ending story

thanks to wonderful hokey for a brilliant topic. check out other favourites here.
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ashley ♥


vuvie said...

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the hug. You came to my personal/work/studies blog lol.

Have a vain blog:

But doesn't matter. school and work takes up all my life and borrowed some from the future.

Anyways, love your film suggestions. Love Amelie too!

Have you seen "Pushing Daisies"? It's a tv series. Love that one!

muchlove said...

aw, that clip from Paris Je T'aime is so cute! I haven't seen the film, but now I want to.

jEeRo said...

Have u seen Hayao Miyazaki's other anime?..his films are really good..Amelie is one of my favourites too..heres a spanish movie i'd like to recommend u 'Pan's Labyrith' this film alot..

jessie said...

thanks for that clip of Paris Je T'aime! i am going to find it and see it this week! oh and i still love the never ending story, its the dragon :)

Maggie May said...

i LOVE Spirited Away- one of my top ten favorite movies ever. actually i love almost all the movies you listed!
i grew up on NEver Ending Story!

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh I really have come to like anime films, never had them to watch when I was a kid, but from the ones I've seen, I really love the atmosophere of them or something... :)

And "Rabbit-Proof Fence" is one of my all time favorites! Fantastic film and very enlightening, I knew little of the events that took place during the film. Such an amazing uplifting true story! :)

Never seen ":ars and The Real Girl" but it looks so funny, I'm going to have to watch it sometime!

Anyway, fantastic entry, I love films! :)


Susanna-Cole said...

Ah, I clicked post comment, and then realized I want to edit something... I was going to rephrase my words on Rabbit-Proof Fence a bit because I think I got a little too chirpy there, because really the actual events were horrible, what happened, and even though the movie was fantastic and uplifting, I didn't want to come off sounding unsympathetic to what actually happened. ;)


cindy said...

What a fab collection of movies. Great taste.

Missa said...

You have excellent taste in movies!
I have a thing for Ryan Gosling too <3

Mary-Laure said...

Yes, Miyazaki is a genius.

Also I adore Little Miss Sunshine and all the movies by Sofia Coppola.

.girl ferment. said...

such great favourites
"bastian, bastian"

most recent one i ♥ is lars.

daydream lily said...

oh Lars and the real girl. this movie was great!!

love your other choices too :-)..vigin suicides, American beauty, little miss sunshine....
great taste

ladyb said...

We've very similar taste young lady. x

Check out, The Dreamers, Betty Blue & Somersault..if you haven't already. x


Great picks! Neverending Story has a great visual & Miyazaki is out of this world! Great new week dear...

Amber said...

What a lovely blog you have...looks great!

Caf said...

ooooh, I'm going to have to check out the films on here I haven't seen...cause judging by your other faves you have excellent taste!!

(The more I look at Nora...the more I see my first cabbage patch kid, Jenny, will be interesting to see if that influences the story...)

-Caf ;)

deryik said...

Hi, im just a new visitor in your blog and really enjoyed it.

have you seen the australian movie "gallipoli" with mel gibson (at age 30-something back then)? its about a kid leaving home to get enrolled in the army to fight in gallipoli in WWI and he meets mel gibson on the way, so they go for this "adventure" together. its been years but still is one of my fave anti-war movies. its cute, above anything. u really feel how meaningless war is and what a sad loss it was that most of the youngsters died far far away from home, giving a fight which was not even theirs.

anyways, ive been missing my chance to see rabbit proof fence twice. u just reminded me about getting the dvd soon. thanks for that! :)