there is no place like home

we have finally come home after 3 blissful weeks. alas, i am exhausted now and so very happy to sleep in my bed {with my blankies} tonight- isn't it funny that no matter where you go-home can truly be where the heart is.

i have so many fun memories in my mind and hundreds of pictures to sort {plus a wee bit of washing} but can't wait to catch up on all my most favourite blogs.

oh and a quick peek...the above picture is one of the hundreds of wildflowers we saw as we drove out from the desert. twas dreamy. back asap.



Jane said...

we missed your posts! :) i hope you had a great vacation.
wow, that picture is so gorgeous!! i am jealous you went to such a lovely place!

Missa said...

Dreamy indeed! Can't wait to see more and the part about coming home, so true! Welcome back :)

K. Sundari said...

3 weeks! Oh my! Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you are back.

Hila said...

Looks dreamy - can't wait to see more photos. Welcome back :)

hokey said...

Welcome back to blogland lovely girl! Thanks for your lovely comment and taking the time to say hello

Hollie xx