on my desk

on my desk. the glorious postie has made me glow. lena corwin's book 'printing by hand'. the new toast catalogue. and my lovely package from belle and boo. happy desk= happy me. xXx.


Mary-Laure said...

The book Printing By Hand looks absolutely beautiful, I am going to look it up!

This simple Life said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The card catalog is going to become a coffee table as soon as I find the perfect top for it.

On the log cabin - You simply must buy it!!!! Must!
That's our dream. Right now we live in one of those neighborhoods that remind me of cubicles in an office. But it's just a stepping stone to better things.

MeganElisabeth said...
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MeganElisabeth said...

I do love catherine campbell. Your blog is very nice.