etsy please be mine

some more reasons i cant take my eyes off of etsy.

JamieNoel interactive brooch

catherine campbell prints

zerkahloostrah's japanese inspired recycled slippers



Anonymous said...

luv the drawing of the two has a dreamy vibe somehow..what do u think?

ashley said...

it does have i dreamy vibe- totally agree- most of her amazing work does- in fact i think that is part of what attracts me to it. thanks for popping by my blog! x

danica said...

Oooh great finds, Ashley! That brooch is incredible! And I do love Catherine :)

Mila said...

Great post!!
yez, Etsy is unbelievable, so many talented people and gorgeous things! <3

Hope you're having a great day and weekend very soon!

Bye dear!

Jane said...

ooh, lovely! :-) the prints are gorgeous.
there are so many beautiful things on Etsy it is impossible to stop once you've started browsing! xX

Mary-Laure said...

Wonderful finds; it's amazing how many telented people can be found around Etsy!
Love the Catherine Campbell print, so poetic.

Hila said...

Ah Catherine Campbell - I love her too :)

Czina said...

thanks for commenting my blog.
your's is interesting as well.

hope we will meet more often in this virtual space.