tagged by the queen

wonderful queen lou has tagged me with a meme-
it's all in threes.

so here we go;)

what are the last three things you purchased?

-books: water for elephants; sara gruen, the pact; jodi picoult, and animal dreams;barbara kingsolver {one order= one thing!?)

-diana+ camera

-dark grey chanel nailpolish

what are the last three songs you downloaded?

-lykke li album

-thom yorke {jigsaws falling into place solo}

-patti smith {the coral sea}

what were the last three places you visited?

-bangkok, thailand

-koh tao, thailand

-singapore, singapore

what are your three favorite movies?
there are A LOT! but will quote the first three that pop into my mind...

-lars and the real girl

-pans labyrinth

-the never ending story

what are your three favourite possessions?

-my childhood teddy bear

-a beautiful pendant my nana gave me

-my photographs

{this reminds me of that quote on mila's blog; the most important things in life are not things.} i adore that...

what three things can you not live without?


-sketchbook and ink

note: my lovely partner is not a thing-so assume he is a given...

what would be your three wishes?

-for my family and best friends to pick up and move to australia {hint, hint;)}

-a chocolate fountain in my kitchen

-happiness in my life {and yours} always

what are three things you haven't done yet?

-been to south america

-had a baby

-eaten supper

what are your three favorite dishes?

-cold soba noodles

-sushi platters

-thai veggie curries

what three celebrities do you want to hang out with most?

-bob marley

-coco chanel


i think that would make for an interesting dinner party!

name three things that freak you out-



-the desert at night

name three unusual things you are good at -

-i can move my second toe on my right foot while standing still {ewww, right?!}

-doing cross-stitch without looking

-making sculptures from avocados

what are three things you are currently coveting?

miu miu heels, stella mccartney cape, anthropologie bedding

name 3 bloggers you are tagging.



K. Sundari said...

Oh wow. This post is very exciting. I love that you bought a Diana camera. Your life sounds very colourful..

Richel said...

you are much too kind. i really love being tagged, thanks for acknowledging me! I am working on it right now!

Mila said...

Lovely post, darling!

I understand all of your answers...



Jane said...

Thanks for tagging me!
Just letting you know I posted. <3
WOW, you bought a Diana+? Lucky ducky!

Hila said...

lovely post, great to find out more about you :)

Anonymous said...

ok i REALLY want those shoes too....that bed looks heavenly, i need to see lars,the desert at night sounds creepy,chocolate fountain in the house ! yes please....that was great reading xx
p.s what is a diana camera ? sounds like i need one of those too......

ashley said...

thanks for the comments ladies! lou-read about the diana+ here-

just arrived today and am in