its beginning to feel a lot...

like christmas in our little nest.
christmas in austrlia is still a funny thing for me. being canadian i am used to snow everywhere, icicles hanging outside our windows, and fresh smelling trees in everyones home. instead the home is sunny and hot. strange, and probably always will be.
busy little bee getting everything together for my first little family christmas. have decided to bake for EVERYONE we know as well, which is proving a challenge with a tiny and cheeky bub to watch and cuddle.
have discovered something for my idle hands that i can do next to a playmat. thus, piper has a new fancy stocking, i forgot how much i used to love cross stitch.
hoping you all have visions of sugarplums...
♥ ashley


Kristi said...

i know it is different celebrating in the summer. lucky for us in melbourne it is cold and rainy which helps.

ps. love the name cute.

Jeana Marie said...

I was just about to say the same thing as Kristi, hehe :)

And winter without Christmas is a bit hard too, I think. Hope the baking goes well and I'm glad you've found something to do with your hands around bubs, it can be tricky, yes? I found hand stitching was the easiest thing as well (still is even now they are a bit older! Knitting too, but I get bored easily with knitting...). So all this rambling to wish you a very Merry Christmas dear one, and a lovely first Christmas for your Piper!