we're back

i am ready to blog again.
boy oh boy have we missed this little space. although i have been able to pop in here and there, it has not been nearly as much as i mean to. i missed the whole 'blogtober' or whatever it is but am starting a post a day today. there, i said it. A POST A DAY until the end of the year at least.
in the meantime i have been kept very busy by my new extra 'ten little fingers and ten little toes'.
mum sent the little top, hat, leggings set from canada. i miss halloween!
hope you got to eat loads of lollies and dress up silly on the 31st.
off to catch up on your little spaces! x

♥ ashley

p.s. found some new little places to visit, check out my sidebar. x.


Katy said...

Good luck with your post a day - that will be great to read. You have the most adorable pumpkin!

Luhlahh said...

Yay for Baby Halloween Costumes!

angela said...

Oh she is a cutie and look at that tummy time!

Yes, I can understand exactly about the no time for blogging scenario. Good luck with a post a day, I wish I could join you but I'm not sure if it's achievable for me just yet.


Brinja said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby!