ignoring the pouring rain, me and my sewing machine have been spending some quality time making piper a homemade summer dress with little itty bitty bloomers. i made the dress and bloomers using lotta jansdotter's sewing for baby.

the photos are not doing justice, nothing works as well as sunlight to make things pretty, we have had a lack of that here this week...

also, piper has just won a new toy from here, am off to explore her little shop of sweet things.

♥ ashley


Megan.K. said...

Clever lady! They're both divine Ashley.
I was looking at that book online, love her designs.

It's so lovely to see you back blogging again and to see pix of your precious little girl too.

Jeana Marie said...

Ashley I have missed you here so! Such a beautiful girl you have and you take such lovely photos. Sweet little dress!

I was never able to get my first to sleep I can't even remember quite how I coped though I can remember feeling like I wasn't coping at all. It seems as though it will last forever but you will look back and see the time has passed far too quickly.

My second slept really well. I don't think I did anything obviously different. But if it becomes unbearable for you your nurse may be able to point you in the right direction. We tried sleep school for our first...

.girl ferment. said...

Ashley they both look most gorgeous.
Fabulous fabric too!

ecoMILF said...

those are so adorable!! love the fabric! xo m.