i saw a baby suit the other day that had 'sleep is for the weak' on the front. i nearly bought it for my cherub. you see sleep is not something that Piper has in her current skill set. which means mum and dad are also lacking in that area.
we are coping and learning to deal, i washed my hair with face scrub this morning, and poured orange juice on my granola, but coping nonetheless.
so i beg of those amazing wonder mamas with the baby whispering skills, how do i get my pumpkin to doze for periods of time?
♥ ashley


Toosdai said...

i have no secrets for the sleeping babe as i have none of my own, but here's wishing you sleep-filled nights and milk in your granola very soon!

Michelle said...

Oh Ahsley, that is hard when baby doesn't sleep. Your local baby clinic should be able to help. But I always loved Robin Barker's Baby Love books for help with my babes.

Granola and orange juice is delicious!