time is flying. i blink and another few weeks have passed. i am now 33 weeks pregnant and feeling very...round. busying myself with reading about birthing, and making quilts and mobiles. attended a charity art auction last night and treated myself to a new piece by a local artist.
also new wellies for the inevitable wet of south west australia.
have you been up to much exciting? i do hope so.
♥ ashley


.girl ferment. said...

33 weeks already?
all the baby-bits you have made are super cute

Amber said...

What 33 weeks!!!!
That is flying.
Oh cannot wait to hear your news and gorgeous new art piece..xx

Michelle said...

Beautiful mobile!

Take care :)


hila said...

I think the best thing about being pregnant would be making mobiles, ha!
I hope you're feeling strong and well xx