it is fun living in a town focused on wine and tourism. like friday night wine barrel racing down the main street.
i go back to work tomorrow after school term break. i have done little during this holiday. some sorting of 'things' at home (aka nesting). some baking/cooking. laundry. op shopping. sleeping. watching dvds and reading. gardening (rose from my lovely sylvia bush). it has been blissful.
i am dreading the energy it takes to teach as i want to give my all to the kiddies that need me but i feel very drained from carrying around my little pouch. six weeks until i take leave. the critter inside the pouch we are calling baby kanga as it is a little aussie and for its mama it feels like it is a boxing kangaroo living in there!

♥ ashley

p.s. making this granola recipe- yum


angela said...

Awww, little kanga is very lucky to have you as a mumma. Wow, not long now for you before you meet.

My little tyke has only just started to give me little flutters of movement, it's so cute : )


Hila said...

I hope you're doing well Ashley and taking care of yourself! That first photo is just amazing - the colour!

Luhlahh said...

Hi Ashley, sounds like your litle family is already having fun together: image all the fun you'll have in the years to come!
That tea rose is beautiful - I'm sure I can smell it! Not many people grow roses in Alice Springs, so 'sniffing adventures' around the neighbourhood is something I miss! X
And yes, the beans were yummy!

danica said...

i want to eat that second photo, ashley! i hope that you and baby are both doing well. it sounds like you have a very energetic little bub inside you :) take good care of yourself xx

.girl ferment. said...

you made me think of my days in a small wine town.
i miss them

perhaps you could teach your class to massage feet and cook the special food you crave

Michelle said...

Your holiday sounds perfect. I love your rose - so pretty.

Hope you're finding some energy. It's hard yakka growing baby kanga!

Sundari said...

Auww cute. I have a little possum highway on my fence and we can see baby possums. I hope you're enjoying this chapter in your life.

P.S. I tagging you in a post coming very, very soon!

Helen said...

that sounds like a nice relaxing break! when are you due? my sister is due in august. baby kanga is a cut nickname for your baby!

Marinka said...

your pictures are nice...the pancakes make me hungry

Page said...

your blog is so lovely!! and everythign looks yummy :)