it has been very hot in margaret river and i have been feeling a little lazy by the end of work each day.
it is a long weekend so i am finding a bit of stored energy to potter in the garden that is starting to bloom.
beans, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, butter lettuce and chili peppers are all on their way to our kitchen gourmet plans.
also working on a mobile. early stages and a little like a kindergarten cut and paste project but keeping my fingers busy while my overheated body relaxes.
hoping all have a jubbly week-end, x,
♥ ashley


Luhlahh said...

Yum! I'm coming over for a salad! Cute bunny too!

danica said...

oh my, your vegetable garden is looking spectacular! you will have a wonderful harvest. i hope the wa weather isn't getting too much for you - the last few days have been pretty terrible. i'm hoping that the first day of autumn will bring cooler weather xx

Jeana Marie said...

fantastic freshness in your garden. what a sweet bunny for the mobile...just right for the little one and made with love :)

sara said...

wow your garden looks fantastic!
i wish it was hot where i am. i'm very ready for spring and summer!

.girl ferment. said...

bunny is so cute, it will be a wonderful mobile.
and the garden is growing well, hope the weather cools down for you.

glad you are getting the book, it is so much fun, i look forward to seeing your works in progress.

Luhlahh said...

Hi Ashley - I just found your comment tonight - (Tuesday) on Sunday Hideout (last Sunday) Things are getting back on track. And Yes, the stars are a good point of reference for those feeling a little lost. X I promise to look up!

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

I bet that garden smells lovely.
Great shots.