windowsills & roses

i met a woman at the farmers market last week-end who grows and is ever so passionate about roses. it was an easy smell and i just can't bear to throw any away until the final wilt happens- they smell so good. my new home has plenty of lavender growing which also smells amazing and looks so pretty. my windowsills are usually occupied by succulents but they have needed to make a space for the lovely rose.
do have the most magic of weekends won't you?
xs and os
♥ ashley


Jeana Marie said...

you have a lovely weekend too, my dear!

I keep roses until the very last as well, love your first photo, the colour coming through the window is wonderful.

Luhlahh said...

It looks like you have some lovley cozy corners at your new place!

Krissy said...

it's my resolution to have a few more living greenery in the house- succulents are such a great idea :)

Missa said...

I love the succulent in the enamel cup! So pretty. Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)