op shop bop

I start my new teaching job next week- which is funny because the first day of school for a lot of teachers is a little like the first day of school for the kids in our classrooms...nerves and excitment for what lies ahead!
The other afternoon I was lucky enough to stumble upon the most brilliant little red cross shop and find some treasures.
-linen bias tape
-pottery garlic holder
-english stoneware casserole dish
-once adored floppy bunny
-handmade, embroidered cot sheets
-sweet bubba coverall

Most of my op shopping now includes baby treats but I think that is pretty normal when your belly is beginning to head towards the buddha ways.
Also painted and decalled the little nursery with monsieur. The colour was 'Surf Wash', I adore.
Happy week-end- Are you having fun?
♥ ashley


Mila said...

very lovely dear!
hope you are doing great!


Luhlahh said...

I love those cot sheets! Cuuuute!

Krissy said...

the nursery has to be adorable!

have a great week :)

Megan.K. said...

I love op-shopping for baby!!
Those cot sheets are a beautiful find and I love your sweet decal.
Enjoy that growing belly of yours Ashley.

Caf said...

aw, I love pre-loved treasures!! They have their own stories...even if they can't tell em :D

Amber said...

Oh Ashley i am just sooo excited about your bub.
I am loving the op shop finds i am so needing a dose of a good op shop and all of it's special finds...xxxxxxxx

.girl ferment. said...

how did i miss the little person post?
oh i must say congratulations, so very excited for you, i know even from across these electronic signals that you will be such a sweet and wonderful mother.

Jeana Marie said...

such sweet baby finds - the overalls - eep!


Missa said...

Such sweet treasures! I had so much fun thrifting baby stuff when I was pregnant, enjoy! <3

Anonymous said...

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sara said...

the color is so lovely! and the little bird is adorable.
i hope your teaching goes wonderfully! good luck :)

LouLou said...

owwwww ! you are pregnant ! did i miss that post too? Congratulations.I think you will be an amazing mother....and those oppy finds are just gorgeous...especially those little overalls! so sweet.